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Learn how to make films, Learn acting, producing and directing..



Rosalind Sconiers –



Shandreka Johnson –

Program Coordinator & Coaching  Counselor


Simuel Rankin –

Film Director & Instructor


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Phone: 404-454-3554

CEO Rosalind Sconiers


SHPO Reel Film Academy

A Film Pilot Program of Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization Inc.

A 501(c)3 Non-Profit


The Vision

The S.H.P.O. Reel Film Academy was established is to give men, women and teens opportunities to learn employable skills in the film and video industry. Our outreach through this program is used as a vehicle to meet those who are in need and would not be able to access this training through conventional means either because of lack of funds, disability, homelessness, transportation etc.


Our program fosters the creation, appreciation, and understanding of film and video as media for artistic and personal expression, as well as media of important social and community impact. Classes are taught by highly qualified professionals who provide hands-on training for students of all skill levels from age 18 and up. 


With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with the homeless challenge.


Homeless Outreach is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

Why SHPO Reel Life?

Our objective in the SHPO Reel Life program is the education of adults, children and young people in the art of film, video and other types of media. We aim to work particularly with those people who are in need by reason of disability, age or economic circumstance. 


For the past 3 years, we have been training students by providing media workshops and long term mentoring. Since 2009 we have successfully interned students from Clayton State University as well as students in our facilities located in Dekalb, Clayton and South Fulton Counties, the majority of whom made measurable improvements to their lives.


With the help of donation, we are able to offer scholarships to the students so that they may learn without the stress of paying for the program.


Film Industry Growth in Georgia

The State of Georgia has a burgeoning entertainment industry. The amount spent on television and film production in Georgia has exploded in the last several years. The film and television industry is now responsible for almost 23,000 direct high-paying jobs in Georgia and $1.3 billion in wages, according to the Motion Picture Association. These are high-quality jobs with an average salary of $84,000. 


In the past three years, 11 film and television studios have announced plans to locate or expand in Georgia. This includes UK-based Pinewood, a full-service film, and entertainment complex in Fayetteville. With these facilities, future productions are likely to be larger in size and scope. Also, more than 80 industry-related companies have relocated or expanded in Georgia in the past six years. These include casting companies as well as businesses that supply equipment, lighting, catering, transportation, and more. 


Due to this explosion, a high demand has been created for skilled crew workers. The entertainment industry is experiencing huge growing pains. With 32 shows now in production, it has been difficult getting enough people to fill jobs. There’s a statewide emphasis on increasing training and education to encourage those who want to enter the industry. Research shows that in this industry you can train individuals and as a result, you can help people back to work and reduce homelessness.


The Director for SHPO Reel Film Academy is: Simuel Rankins

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