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Rosalind Sconiers

Founder and CEO
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Founder's Welcome

Rosalind Sconiers is the founder and CEO of Sconiers Homeless Preventive, Inc. A 501 (c) (3). (SHPO) established as a grass root organization in 2004. The organization has supported over 30,000 people locally and nationally with the support of community partners and stakeholders. Programs such as Get Knowledge Get Connected Network Service, Macro Economic and Social/Federal Safety Nets Educational program, SHPO REEL FILM ACADEMY, Business in A Box, Workforce Development, Rope Program, Graceful Living Homes are only a few that she has implemented to provide community support. She has aided many in establishing their own 501©3 non-profit organizations to meet the needs of our communities.

Rosalind Sconiers, a passionate humanitarian who is committed to helping the underserved homeless, veterans, low-income families, senior citizens and the youth community. She is a advocate of human and civil rights. She is a leader in the non-profit community and has several small business collaboratives’s. Her contributions have touch people locally, nationally and internationally. She has been the recipient of several awards and recognition throughout her years of service.

Since 2007 Sconiers Homeless Preventive has facilitated over 950 hands-on workshops providing outreach and in-reach services for the homeless and placed over 6,900 people into low-income affordable rental housing. The (ROPE I) Rental Outreach Public Education and (ROPE II) Rental Opportunity Prosperity Economics (ROPE III) Rental Ordinance Policy Environment have been adopted by other organizations and successfully implemented. In 2017 SHPO launched SHPO REEL FILM ACADEMY.


Our objective in the SHPO Reel Life program is the education of adults, children and young people in the art of film, video and other types of media. We aim to work particularly with those people who are in need by reason of disability, age or economic circumstance. Ms. Sconiers, extends her services through 11 locations in Georgia. She has been told she is the female version of Hosea Williams and serves and leads the communities with the fearlessness of Harriet Tubman. Rosalind responds to the comparisons stating “I am a problem solver with solutions for the 21st century, my purpose is to serve those in need.



CEO Rosalind Sconiers

Rosalind Sconiers

Achievements and Awards.


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