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We are happy that you took the time to stop by and browse through our class and program page. We offer the best programs, classes and workshops designed for you. Are you ready to take your life skills  to the next level? Signup for one of our classes or workshops.

Our Project Manager and our Program Manager did an excellent job for 2023

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R.O.P.E. I 

Rental, Outreach, Public Education

Rental, Opportunity, Prosperity, Economics


Rental, Ordinance, Policy, Environment


As we continue to move forward in 2023 with our ROPE I.II.III workshop programs, we have seen a lot of lives touched and changed on how to navigate through life's challenges with the information and tools that they have received.  The ROPE programs are designed to help educate individuals, families, homeless individuals, homeless youth, veterans, singles parents, young adults in how to move from renters to homeowners. Further, we educate on the many school choice options and opportunities to achieve a successful and thriving career. Our kids are the future for today and tomorrow.




Community Mediation Development, GED tutoring, School Options Workshops, Culinary Arts, Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeship, Homeless Education, Fashion, S.T.E.M, Coding, Innovation/Motivation ,Apprentice/Trade Job Education, Life Coaching, New Workforce Training, Cultural Humility Training, Graphic Design, Arts Studio, Homework Support, Marketing Online, PMP Program, Sharp Publishing/Media Source, Fintech |AI| Block Chain |Mobile Banking, Web development/eCommerce/IT/Animation.



Participants gain new skill sets in all aspects of entertainment and business. The skills given though this program, provide structure, confidence, credentials, and the experience of routine of work. It also assists with acquiring the necessary work-task skills to enhance their competitiveness in the private sector of employment, starting their own.



Courses are held on a 12-week rotation. On completion, students receive a graduation certificate to show they have a sound understanding of the classes they have selected.

Students are expected to participate in real work environments in the theatre, television and film industries, supervised by the program staff. They are involved both as talent and crew in theatre enterprise, or the ability to further their education. Our goal is to ultimately reduce recidivism amongst our participants so they can become productive citizens of the

community and assist with restoring the economic challenges that we are facing as a nation.


Prevention is the solution of initial, prolonged, or repetitive homelessness  that will make a significant impact toward ending chronic homelessness. Prevention often can be achieved through social services, training workshops, intervention or some form of immediate financial assistance, to serve as a safety net for individuals and/or family resources.

Enriching The Youth With Right Knowledge For Growth And Development


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